Sales & Marketing the easy way

Your own, high quality iOS & Android App for new and long lasting customer relationships


Customers are incentivised to send invites to friends and have them visit your venue. In addition your individual app is able to track when new customers physically come to visit you.


Motivate customers to leave positive reviews on relevant websites like TripAdvisor, HungryGoWhere, YELP and Facebook. Rank-up and be more visible.


Our app encourages diners to take pictures during their visit and share them on social media with detailed info about your venue. Our job is to ensure maximum reach and brand awareness.


Your individual mobile app will build a connection with your customers that goes beyond food and atmosphere; it builds loyalty with your patrons.


Increase in visits


Social network visibility




New customers from referrals

Your own white labeled iOS and Android applications

In the following we are showing one real example of Dario Pizza

to show what includes your iOS & Android App with your Online Dashboard

–  The System helped to increase visits by over 20% and over 58% of referrals got new customers –

1. Graphic design

Social MediaRewards4reward5VenueInformation

Graphic design that matches your branding

We customise your iOS and Android application that it really fits your image and corporate identity.

2. Customer sign up & login

Social MediaSocial MediaSocial Media

Fast customer sign up & login

 Your customers can directly sign up and login with their Facebook Account or sign up with their email address, which they need to confirm to guarantee that they are using the right email. All data is collected and saved in your own Online Dashboard.

3. Venue information

Social MediavenueInfromation2VenueInfromation3

Venue information and directions

All necessary information about your business is shown clearly. You remain in full control, can update your information from your Online Dashboard and the changes will be displayed instantly inside your iOS and Android App.

4. Track customer rewards

Social Media CustomerRewards2CustomerRewards3CustomerRewards4

Incentivise users with different rewards

The system is designed to have full control and in addition manage all processes fast. In the beginning we as well advise you what rewards are best and set these up for you if you like. Furthermore, you can set up rewards via the online dashboard within less than 2 minutes. In addition you can track all rewards and analyse the data inside your online dashboard.

5. Your time limited coupons


Time limited coupons to incentivise visits

You can set up coupons and its time limit with just a few clicks in the backend.

6. Automated notifications


Automated push notifications to your customers

With your apps and the online dashboard comes the powerful ability to send your customers direct messages and automate according     to your preference. In addition to contacting customers via Email and push notifications on their smartphone there is as well the                                                 possibility to send SMS over your Online Dashboard if needed.


7. Your own customer database collects automatically data

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.27.43

Collect customer data automatically

The system automatically collects your customers’ information for you and keeps it updated. You can collect data like Email, birthday, name, surname, gender, last visit, last login, used coupons, number of check-ins, number of lucky draws, number of shared pictures and in addition an engagement rank is calculated for you.


8. Online Result dashboard with data analytics

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.21.10

Simple overview

With the Online Result dashboard you can see in detail information and statistics about how the app helps you to grow your business.

9. Social media connection + Messenger Apps + SMS + Email

Social Media

Social media connection (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) + WhatsApp + SMS + Email

Your app is connected to the social media channels to maximies the social media sharing and awareness about your business.

10. Marketing material to place in your business offline and online


                     We take care of marketing material for your mobile application inside the venue

We send you individual marketing materials to hassle-free advertise your App in your business directly to your customers. Guests will download the app the moment they see the table stand.


Rewards linked to marketing actions, your customers can:

Customers share pictures and promote your brand on social networks

Customers send vouchers to friends to invite them to visit the restaurant
Customers Share pictures and promote your brand on social networks

Check-ins are done automatically every time a customer visits you and opens the app

Possibility for additional rewards e.g. for answering questionnaires
All rewards and incentives can be set up individually. In addition all data is tracked automatically and can be seen in real time online.

Examples of automated notifications

Welcome new members

New members are getting an email as well as a message with their first coupon after they joined.

Birthday messages

You can set up automatically birthday messages with incentives you like to give.


Review websites reminders

Your customers are getting a reminder, with all links to your accounts, to review your website on portals like YELP, TripAdvisor and others you are selecting.

Expiring coupon reminders

Before a coupon expires your customer will get a reminder via mail or push notification to come to your business.

In addition to contacting customers via Email and push notifications on their cell there is as well the possibility to send SMS over your Online Dashboard if needed.

Examples of Your Online Result Dashboard

Happy customers and great service. We offer support for all 3 modules:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.21.10

table stand

1. iOS + Android App

2. Online Dashboard

3. Marketing Material

Fast and easy to use.

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